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Our Story

Our speciality in dried seafood, ginseng, and traditional and speciality Chinese food has been on going strong for three generations founded by  (蘇振榮) Sidney Chun-Wing So's father. Sidney So began doing dried seafood from the famous fishing village named Lau Fau Shan near Yuen Long in Hong Kong at the age of 6 - to support and feed his family back at the village. His career-long expertise in dried seafood and traditional food business in Hong Kong, China, Canada and United States has helped him to expand his horizon to include ginseng and traditional & speciality Chinese food as well as health products to cater the growing demand of customers seeking or keeping both top quality traditional Chinese foods and modernized Chinese health products in rapid changing, diverse & globalized internet world. We are truly committed to help customers to grasp the best quality of traditional Chinese food and prolong their health longevity so they can enjoy spending more quality time with their family, friends, and community. 

WING FUNG HONG LTD is dedicated to offer customers high quality traditional Chinese food products as well as top quality modern Chinese and English nutrition supplement at reasonable value. With our strong expertise in dried seafood, traditional Chinese food products, and modern Chinese nutritional products, we are humble but honor to serve many clients all over USA and the world.

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